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you got me down on my knees..

all hail the heart breaker

8/29/06 11:38 pm

ewh i just logged on to here to steal my icon thingy hah, and read how sweet i was sophmore and freshmen year!


9/25/05 10:15 am



add if you haven't yet.

9/17/05 06:26 pm - you cant kill heroes

new lj. i'll probablly just keep this one private.




oh and yay for brynn for being the final member of sbhaa to get a journal.

9/5/05 07:24 pm - hold you're head high heavy heart

Thurday- I don’t remember much. But in fifth hour we went on a hike through the woods. And we didn’t go on the path. Of course. So the guy that I think is super cute came infront of me and broke a branch and was like, there you go. Mmmm ecology romance. Hahahah im funny. Oh later on I went to kylees and we watched movies because nobody invited us to the hampsons. Oh and we didn’t cry.


Friday- Rachels party. We went in the limo and picked everybody up. And went to the restaurant and waited while she got everybody else. Pretty much just talked to maddy. And jordan. And yelled at tim to stop spitting things at me. Well anyway the funniest part is when we went in the room and it said happy birthday jackie everywhere. So richie and I went to rachels parents and they asked the people working there who told us jackie was the name of our server. So we go in the room and everybody was like are we in the wrong room and richie says no. he said rachel is changing her name to jackie. And nobody believed us so then I started saying how instead of presents, rachel always like the name jackie so her parents were spending lots and lots of $$$$$ to get her name changed. Then everybody was like omg I called her rachel in the limo. And we said it was fine but they better not call her rachel from now on or she will get really upset. Then everybody was like ahh why would she do that and finally everybody started taking out their birthday cards to change the name and then tim caught me laughing and realized that me and richie were lying. We’re pretty sweet. Then everybody came and we ate went back in the limo to rachels house. Boys went swimming girls watched a movie. Then it was over and me amanda richie tim jordan and jay walked back to my house because I had to take them all home. Where jordan just said I was wasting gas and tim was like wow you’re a good driver even though I went over the curb like twice. Then they were just talking about rpms for like the whole time. Then I went home and went to sleep.

The rest of the weekend was in Kentucky. And I actually liked it. We played ddr 24/7 and watched a bunch of movies. (harriet the spy, d3 mighty ducks, cheaper by the dozen, space balls, coach carter, Friday night lights, princess diaries) played intense games of football and basketball. It use to suck being the only girl but I like it more now. And me and my cousin Michael who is like 6 months younger than me just would sit online at like 4 in the morning and watch videos on line. No pornos sorry. I was upset to leave but I wanted to come home to go to school tomorrow.

I like school soo much this year. I don’t see rachel as much as last year but I see her at lunch. And before and after school and between 1st 2nd and 3rd hour. My best friend since I was born is in my 3rd hour. We even sit in aphabetical order and still sit next to eachother. Although the past few years we drifted apart, I’m glad I have a class with her because next year she’ll be in college. My 2nd hour has the guy I liked over the summer in it. And I’m friends with almost everybody in that class. My 4th hour is boring but me and jaci just talk a lot. My 5th hour is amazing. Not to mention there is only 3 other girls and the rest are senior guys. REALLY REALLY CUTE senior guys. Like sean. Mmm. And the class is a lot of fun. Teacher is great. 6th hour we talk abou whats been going in the news. And we get in groups. And me and jordan get stuck with annoying girls because we don’t talk to anybody else in that class.

if you read anything be sure to read thisCollapse )

8/20/05 11:28 pm - ONE WEEK

LAST WEEK. i'm making it count.
if you want to do something let me know
TUESDAY: schedule, lunch with the crew maybe?!? ortho apointment. nothing after 3
WEDNESDAY: lunch with trinea nothing after
FRIDAY: show i think?
SUNDAY: dtp with amanda and rachel.

i really want to see amanda sitko and katy perkins.
and i want one day to hang out with sbhaa and tgbc. like old times. and i really want to have a water fight.

8/13/05 07:05 pm

post your name and i will tell you what i think about you.

then put this in your livejournal so you can do the same for me.

8/8/05 09:46 pm - last years summer blew this one away.


_______hang out with amanda sitko
_______hang out with jacki
_______mission 4 with rachel.
_______go to a water park. maybe with everybody?
_______go to down town ann arbor
_______find the perfect first day of school outfit
_______"                         " picture
_______have one huge water fight with all my friends
_______hang out with katy perkins
_______hang out with jamie basel
_______go putt putting
_______have an sbhaa sleep over. because.
_______have me amanda and rachel walk from rachels house to amandas house.
_______i'll think of more later.

let me know if you want to do one of these with me.
Or if you have some other amazing ideas.
like possibly hang out with you.

5/26/05 12:44 pm

comment to be added

12/11/04 12:24 pm - Here's to the nights we felt alive.

-*And may we never forgot what happened in 2004.-*

click on the link for pictures and some of the many memories i had this year. leave nice comments.

2005 we can only hope will bring loveCollapse )
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